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The movements of the body reveal the movements of the soul…

About Lauren

Lauren has always had a deep desire to help people and an even deeper love for horses. Realising these passions, she searched for a career where she could work with both and found that in massage. Having earned level 5 diplomas from Oxford School of Sports Massage and the Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies, she then founded Across Counties with the goal of providing an unmatched level of care, transparency, and professionalism to the massage industry.
Lauren has extensive experience with horses as she has been riding since the age of 9 and continues to compete with her best friend, Flash. Lauren has been riding Flash since they were both 14. They have had their fair share of obstacles along the way, including plenty of injuries. Still, thanks to Lauren’s excellent care, they continue to compete despite being told it may be time to retire.

Our Services…

Equine Therapy

Sports Massage


Lauren has treated several of my horses on 4 occasions with good results. She has been able to identify areas of soreness and weakness that have related to how the horses have felt under saddle and how they have presented visually while working with them from the ground. Each of the horses who were currently in work felt looser and more comfortable after each of Lauren’s visits. Some of the older horses who are retired due to lameness issues have also benefited from their sessions and have appeared to be more comfortable in the weeks following their treatments.

Ruth Whitmore

Lauren started treating Scrum as he was very stiff down one side, and tight across his back. After his first treatment she managed to also release a lot of tension in his neck, and although unsure at first, it must have made the world of difference to him as he couldn't help but let out a little buck as we cantered across the school! All that excitement at his new found freedom! The follow up sessions he has really relaxed into, now he knows what she is doing and that it will feel nice. She has been very patient and reassuring with him and taken things at his speed while he has been getting to know her...

Julia Pearse

I've had Lauren come to treat 4 of my horses/ponies since she started on the massage course. I have always found her very polite and professional, with a caring and understanding attitude towards the horses - my daughter's dressage pony isn't a fan of massage and can be quite grumpy but Lauren handles her perfectly!! She has been very thorough, firstly in getting a history of what the horses do and what any specific problems may be, and then in assessing and massaging them. She always takes plenty of time on each horse, doesn't leave any areas out and goes over what she's found afterwards...

Libby SavilleBVetMed MRCVS

Lauren is very thorough when she massages my horse, Misty. She has a systematic approach to the process, which Misty accepts and puts her at her ease. During the six months or so that Lauren has been treating Misty, I have seen a very noticeable difference in her suppleness. Misty particularly enjoys having her neck and shoulders massaged and is very expressive in her appreciation! I happily recommend Lauren's professional skills to any horse owner.

Susan Hill

Lauren is very professional and knowledgeable. After a session my back feels much better and I have more freedom of movement.

Paul Whitmore

Lauren has been treating whilst I’ve been in training for my boxing match, I remain injury free and recover quickly from tough training sessions.

Samantha Morris

After injuring my ankle and having ongoing problems with it the sports massage has helped so much! My ankle has a better range of movement and has reduced pain! Regular sports massages have helped me carrying on exercising and dancing despite my injury! Would recommend to anyone with or without an injury!

Alice Reynolds

Always a great service. Have been a few times and feel so much better after my massage with Lauren, very professional! Would definitely recommend - see you in a few weeks!

Meg Russel

Very professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Lauren discussed with me what muscles were going to be worked on and the benefits as well as answering any questions I had! I had a few sessions on my legs when training for the marathon and I could definitely feel the benefits! I would definitely recommend to anyone taking on a sporting challenge or that take part in regular training or activity!

Becky Pinto

movements of the soul

movements of the soul

movements of the soul

movements of the soul

movements of the soul